Making the Most of those Last Requirements

Photo: Dennis Wise/University of Washington Photography

No matter where you are in your UW career — pre-major or nearing graduation — you undoubtedly have some academic requirements to fulfill. I&S, NW, VLPA...oh, my! By now you know these acronyms and have hopefully embraced the potential of general education requirements. If you still have a few left, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Augment your major (and possible minor) with something different. Would a computer science or informatics course give your psychology degree a different twist? Could art history make you stand out among business majors?
  • Follow your curiosity. Want to learn more about climate change? Interested in finding out how religion and politics intersect? There are experts on everything here!
  • Build your skills. If you are already a strong writer, what about public speaking or improv? Maybe you are not a fan of math, but you’d love to master Excel!
  • Learn from the best. Explore the list of Distinguished Teaching Award winners or ask your friends for their favorite professors.

Not sure how to find courses that fulfill the requirements you need? Check out the General Education Course Search — you can choose a quarter, category (Individual and Society Courses, for example), number of credits, and time of day.

Requirements should be more than just “checking a box.” Classes can be fun, expand your mind, and build your skills. Make the most of them!

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