Finding Your New Favorite Class

Photo: Mark Stone

Imagine You Had No Requirements

Imagine you had taken all the necessary courses for your major and your general education is finished… What course would you take then? What class would most appeal to you? What would you like to learn? What would you want to read or write about or experiment with?

Finding a Match

Tapping into your interests is the first step. Try these approaches:

  • What course have you always wanted to take but did not have the opportunity or courage? Of course you can you take Introduction to Drawing with all those art majors!
  • Think back on your favorite class or subject – what courses would allow you to dive deeper into the topic or apply your knowledge in a new way?
  • Is your favorite professor teaching something new? Email them and ask!
  • Look for other amazing faculty – Check out the current courses being taught by faculty who have won Distinguished Teaching Awards.
  • Departmental advisers have lots of knowledge about curricular and experiential options; searching websites and blogs can often unearth some gems.
  • Ask your friends about their favorite classes or read the stories of other students’ journeys.

About the Husky Experience Toolkit

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