Preparing for Professional Life

Photo: David Ryder

Each job is different, but certain things apply to almost all jobs. Things to keep in mind when starting a full-time job:

  • The usual requirement is for employees to work between 8-9 hours per day with a 30 minute to an hour lunch. Some companies have options for flexible work hours, and even working from home. It depends entirely on the organization.
  • Besides compensation there are typically a variety of benefits that can include vacation time, medical plans, or retirement benefits.
  • It’s a good idea to know what the office culture is and what the expectations are as you begin your new position.
  • Remember, each day at work you are defining your professional identity and representing your best self.

Internships and mentor programs are one powerful way to help students better understand professional life after their undergraduate degree. You can gain perspective on what the world of work looks like through the lens and guidance of diverse professionals who are uniquely positioned to pass on lessons learned to students starting out.

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