New Huskies Communications

New Huskies communications are created in collaboration with UW Marketing, Student Life, Admissions, and Housing & Food Services in an effort to streamline and effectively communicate with incoming undergraduate students and their families.

Email Communications

To view the emails that were sent to promote Dawg Daze before and during the 2023 event please click here to access the Google Drive.

Social Media

Instagram: public channel tailored to incoming students


Types of Requests

All students are invited to the Microsoft Yammer New Huskies group run by UW Admissions. Students can chat with one another, post photos, and start to create a community virtually. Informal Facebook Groups have been created by students and it is generally difficult to manage and prevent spam.

Not all students will graduate in 4 years, some finish early and some finish later. We also wanted to be inclusive of transfer students. We consider transfer students as first-year students to the University of Washington.

We are intentional to communicate timely and relevant information to students. In addition to getting feedback and collaborating with various campus departments on content, we also follow the Husky Experience Toolkit timeline on key messages that help students in their first year.

Emails are sent to the student's address via Marketo, UW's email marketing system. Open rates based on the Marketo engagement index score ranges from 80-60.

From May to September, emails are sent twice a month at the beginning and end of the month. From October to May, emails are sent monthly mid-month.

We encourage you to reach out to students via social media channels that student's follow. You are welcome to contact us for promotion on social media channels. For those interested in student email lists, email and include the following information:

  • Purpose/use of list
  • Your contact information
  • Type of student information needed

UW Brand

Note: all work will be based on UW Brand guidelines.

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